Monday, July 25, 2011

A quick before and after

Here is one of my darling clients, B.  She has fine blond hair that tends to only grow to a certain length and not get much longer than it is here.

B likes her style of long and straight and wasn't wanting a totally different look, she just wanted to improve on what she already had! She was interested in adding some length but also was really looking for a little more thickness.  We decided on adding about 50 strands of extensions and I think they turned out great!

Extensions are a perfect solution to many hair dilemmas.  If a client has wimpy areas, like around the sides of the face, extensions are a easy fix!  If someone wants pieces of color but doesn't want the commitment of coloring their own hair, extensions are an answer!
There are many different methods of adding extensions as well as different types and quality of hair.  Ask your stylist which method they prefer and which one would be best for the result you are looking for.   I used a bead technique and 100% human hair here on B. (I will post a video soon)  Until then, if you are curious about the bead technique, click here!
For information on pricing for extensions, click here.

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